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Europeripherals - Quality Distribution
Welcome at the new website of Europeripherals B.V.

EuroPeripherals B.V. established in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands with an unique concept of creating a neutral platform to be able to deal with all Distributors and customers, combining the benefits of both Distribution and Open market.

The company gained big synergy due to this combined approach of having the best out of both Distribution and Open market business and is having good leverage with both suppliers and customers with an unique market positioning as a stable, consistent and reliable supplier of all types of IT key components.
Healthy distribution based on:
"Knowing who you are dealing with"

Quality products
By concentrating on proven, innovative brands and closely watching the market, we can give our customers the certainty that they are making the best possible purchase.

Europeripherals B.V. has entered partnerships with selected manufacturers of suitable size and thus as a focus distributor it supplies expertise and extended infrastructure.
“EuroPeripherals B.V. stands for customer efficiency, optimizing the whole supply chain process, immediate stocks and other local trade facilities.

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